Scratch Repair Spray for Cars - CarNano™

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Get a flawless finish with a single spray!

Scratches are inevitable even if you are careful. Removing these scratches can be very time consuming and expensive. The Scratch Repair Spray for Cars - CarNano™ easily removes scratches and other marks for a flawless finish. 

This Repair Spray is suitable for all paint colours and types. It uses nanotechnology to fill in and repair scratches efficiently and flawlessly. The spray also forms a protective ceramic coating and a waterproof layer. This makes it scratch-resistant and easy to clean while keeping the surface intact. This product is easy to apply, with reliable and long-lasting results.


Impeccable repair

Save time and money. Thanks to nanotechnology, this spray erases and fills scratches with nano-polymers and sealants for a flawless finish.

Ceramic coating

The spray forms a protective ceramic coating to protect your car from scratches and other marks. It restores your vehicle to its original shine.

Water-repellent coating

Creates a water-repellent layer that protects the surface of your car from water, dust and dirt. This makes your car easier to clean.

Multiple purpose use

Its formula repairs and blends perfectly into all colors and types of paint. Restores your vehicle to its original shine and brilliance.

Easy to use

Practical and easy to use. Spray the product on the damaged area. Spread evenly with a soft cloth. No additional product or tools are required.

High-quality product

The product is composed of ingredients that quickly and effectively remove scratches on the paint. Permanent, water-resistant, and non-toxic spray. No dyes or unpleasant odours.


  • 1 x Scratch Repair Spray for Cars 120ml - CarNano™

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