LED Essential Oils USB Humidifier 300ml


Transform Any Fragrance into a Gentle Mist & Relax Into The Atmosphere Of The Fragrance You Love


Used in Pristine Spas & Meditations Globally 


Create an atmosphere of pure serenity and peace as the Oil Diffuser turns any workspace or peaceful home environment into blissful calmness, all with mists of your favourite fragrances or essential oils


Use with any Fragrance & Oils— (Only 1-2 sprays/drops required & will last 6-10 hours!) Transforms any atmosphere into a gentle mist that surrounds you with a fragrance you love. 



Oils such as Frankincense & Lavender have been reliably proven to reduce anxiety & instil calmness throughout human body and mind.

Specific oils such as Eucalyptus and Peppermint tend to give intensive boosts of energy and uplifts the mood of the person, creating a well deserved calming experience after a long day. Filling the humidifier container with water until it's near the top will increase humidity in the air, thus reducing dust and allergens. 


Infused Fragrance or Essential Oil  — Make your home smell amazing and enjoy oil benefits.

Nano Atomization Technology  — Atomizes fragrance/essential oil 10x better than other diffusers by binding with water molecules. (With Just 1-2 drops of fragrances or oils can last up to 10 hours)

Smart Nano Chip  — Controls auto shutoff, 4/6 hr timer , 7 colour LED, intermittent & continuous modes.

Auto Shutoff  — Never worry about forgetting to turn off your diffuser.

4/6 hr shutdown time — Create an enjoyable environment without the negative effects of high humidity.


3 Lighting Modes  — Use with 7 colour LED or white LED. Or leave it completely off.


2 Mist Modes  — Use in continuous or intermittent mode.

High Efficiency Filter  — reduce sediment, rust, scale, dirt and sand.

300 ML  — Perfect size for 10 hours of usage. Perfect humidity around the house

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Rated input: DC5V / 1A

Working current: 250-350mA

Scheduled shutdown time: 4h / 6h

Spray volume: 30-45mL /h

Material: ABS

Size: 119 * 78 * 78mm/4.69*3.07*3.07"


Package Includes:

  • 1x Electric Humidifier/Diffuser 300ML
  • 2x Cotton filters
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x User manual

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