Hair Removal Wax-melt Machine Heater 200ml


Hair Removal Wax-melt Machine Heater 200ml Wax Beans 10 Wood Stickers Hair Removal Machine Waxing Kit


Say goodbye to expensive salon beauty, save much money and time.

4-6 weeks lasting effect, the wax removes hair from root, the hair regrow slower and finer.

Targets both coarse and fine hair removal on full body parts: face, eyebrow, armpits, arms, legs, chest, back.

Professional home waxing kit for women, comes with all the accessories you need for waxing.

Heating time:15-20 minutes
Size of machine:Diameter 10cm/3.94 inch;4.4cm/1.73inch high

Package includes:machine+100g wax ofbean+10 pcs wood stickers


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