Comfort Bra 2.0

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No more bounce. No annoying side-to-side jiggle. 

Be confident with a lightweight push-up bra that lifts, offers maximum comfort, and keeps you cool on a hot day. 

When you’re exercising with a bad bra, your entire workout is compromised. You are distracted and uncomfortable, which can result in pain or chafing. Say goodbye to annoying bounce by investing in a push up bra like Brazziti!

The Brazziti Bombshell Comfort Bra is perfect for any active lifestyle, providing the best wire-free support to keep you confident, comfortable, and sweat-free throughout the day.

Our bras are designed specifically to lift, enhance, and shape without the use of uncomfortable straps. Use them at the yoga, take them to the gym, or just enjoy wearing them when you are binging Netflix!


  • Work out at your best
  • If you’re tired of fighting with the wires and straps of your sports bra, we have a simple solution for you. Get out of your training bras and say hello to a less distracting, more comfortable high impact bra that offers great support. This new push-up vest top style holds you in through movement and disruption as you work out.

  • Put on that sexy silhouette
  • Let your bra do the hard work for you. Look great in any top with our special design that supports, elevates, and shapes your breasts, making it easy to dress up or down without being self-conscious about your body.

  • Cleavage-boosting support
  • Grab the attention you deserve with this push-up bra, which enhances and accents your breasts without sacrificing support. Its hidden removable contoured pads give you that extra lift, creating the cleavage of your dreams.

  • Comfy all day
  • The Brazziti Bombshell Comfort Bra is the kind of bra you can wear to work, to run errands, and even to sleep in. This fast-drying bra keeps you dry & cool all day long. The super stretchy bands and cloud soft cups are so comfortable you can even wear it day after day!


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