Stylish Lingerie Travel Organizer bags for girls


A stylish way to keep your lingerie Intact!

Nothing is worse than finding your lingerie all messed up after a long trip. But with our stylish travel essential accessories, you now have a place to preserve your Underwear when traveling.

Brau is small, discrete and in the perfect shape for storing bras. It not only has enough room to hold all your bras but has enough compartments for your panties as well.

When traveling Brau will save your lingerie from the crushing weight of your baggage and keep your private undergarments discreetly stored for safe and stress-free traveling!


Product category: storage box
Material: EVA
Storage scene: inside the wardrobe, bedroom, drawer, under the bed, carry it, storage room
Scope of application: underwear, socks, bra
Size: 36*17*10

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