3 In 1 QI Fast Wireless Charging Smart Station Dock



Well take look at our brand new 3 in 1 wireless charger station designed with premium material this charging dock will meet your everyday demands and more. No longer worry about the various charging cables in your life, leave your desktop or working space clean and tidy. 

Basic introduction

1. Input voltage/current: 9v/4A
2. Output frequency: 100-205KHz
3. Transmitting power: 15W 10W 75W 5W 3W
4. The farthest charging distance: ≤8MM
5. Material: zinc alloy (bottom) + ABS + acrylic
6. Charging efficiency: 78%
7. Color: black/white
8. Net weight: 268g
9.Gross weight: 378g
10. Product size: 184*113*65mm
11.Packing size: 196*120*71mm


1. Multifunctional magnetic wireless charging, convenient and fast, no need for cumbersome charging cables
2. Intelligently adapt to safe current, do not interfere with each other, safe and fast charge
3. Fashionable and beautiful appearance, adopting artistic curve design, stable adsorption, and will not fall off when shaking
4. The sensing distance is long, and the charging is not affected by wearing the phone case
5. Switch between horizontal and vertical, the mobile phone can be charged as soon as it is charged, horizontal or vertical screen can be selected

Horizontal And Vertical It's All Rechargeable

Play while charging, no longer need to worry about power shortage

Package Included:

1*Wireless charger
1*charging cable
Intelligent4 in 1
Multi Function Magnetic
Absorption Wireless Charger
For iPhone / iwatch / Airpods


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